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Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) for the Aviation Industry, aircraft engines



Karen MacCracken, NDT expert, NDT specialist, RVI expert, RVI specialist

As KaMac's Owner/CEO, Karen oversees the day-to-day operations of the business as well as working closely with her customers and manufacturers to facilitate, trouble-shoot, and problem-solve in providing many types of NDT and RVI equipment to KaMac's customers.

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Brian MacCracken has had a long history and leading role in his career in Non Destructive Testing as a Corporate Level 3 in FPI, MPI, X-Ray, Etch, and Clean Lines. For 41 years, Brian worked at Pratt & Whitney, much of which as a Senior NDT Engineer in the NDT Core Group. 


While there, Brian designed, procured, and implemented full NDT systems, from manual to fully automated including closed loop water filtrations systems. He wrote NDT Method Specifications and wrote, revised, and implemented acceptance criteria standards for Pratt & Whitney and all of their supplier based manufacturers and NDT houses worldwide, including performing NDT audits to the Pratt & Whitney requirements. Brian was responsible for testing and approving all of the Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection materials used on all PW engine components.

Working together to develop the right strategy coupled with the best equipment to perform the most thorough inspections, KaMac NDT always pursues the solutions best suited for their customers. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, KaMac NDT strives to be the best NDT and RVI  experts to partner with in the industry. Meet the driving forces behind the brand, husband and wife duo, Brian and Karen MacCracken:

Behind the scenes, Brian was instrumental in accident investigations, evaluations of indications, reducing latent defects, training, and troubleshooting non-conformances to name a few.

Today, Brian is a leading voice in the NDT Industry and continues to serve and be heavily involved in various industry committees. He previously served as Chairman of AMS Committee K, Section Chairman of ASTM E07.03, Sub Section Chairman of ASTM 07.03.02 (ASTM E-1417) and various other committees over the years. He has been published in various industry magazines and newsletters. He is also an author, reviewer, and contributor of the Non Destructive Testing Handbook: Liquid Penetrant Testing, and also a contributor and reviewer of the ASNT NDT Handbook for PT and MT.



Brian MacCracken, NDT expert, NDT specialist, NDT engineer, RVI expert, RVI specialist, RVI engineer

As an NDT Specialist and Engineer, Brian works closely with KaMac customers in designing NDT systems, as well as providing consulting, training, troubleshooting, and problem solving solutions in all Visual and NDT aspects of the company.

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Karen (Roberts) MacCracken began her career in Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) in 1996 selling fiberoptic and rigid borescopes to the aviation industry at Optim LLC (formerly Applied Fiberoptics) based in Sturbridge, MA.  A few years later, she joined Imaging Products Group (IPG), a Newco, Inc. company, in Florence, South Carolina as the Northeast Sales Rep, continuing to sell RVI, then being introduced to NDT, where she began selling NDT equipment.

In 2003, Karen partnered with Jim Owens, a retiree from Pratt & Whitney and an accomplished expert in borescope inspections and in situ blade blending, in a new business venture. Together they began a line maintenance service company, ALMI, Inc. (Aircraft Line Maintenance and Inspections). 

With a group of experienced subcontractors, their company performed borescope inspections and blade blending on AOG's worldwide as a General Contractor for Pratt & Whitney. Together, and with Jim's blade blending expertise, they designed and built a prototype for a new in situ blade blending tool for the industry, which they later sold. They went on to also work closely with customers such as Rolls Royce USA and Rolls Royce UK on blade blending technology.

After the experiences of ALMI, Inc., Karen began her own venture as a Manufacturers Rep company in 2006. Setting up a network of manufacturers, many of which she had close ties with from her previous years of selling for Optim and IPG, Karen established KaMac NDT Associates, LLC.  


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p:  508-347-7790




p:  508-347-7790



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